re-writing & re-making: inspiration for the transformation of the university.

First off, there are so many of you working on rebuilding our universities and our worlds and we just want to say that we see you! And your work and ideas have given us so much inspiration, guidance, and motivation, as well as created spaces to reflect, check in/check ourselves and even occasionally commiserate.

We’d like to dedicate this space to sharing the thinking and the visions that both inform and challenge our work. This also provides us a platform through which we can give credit to the brilliant minds whose thinking has shaped so much of what we do.

And we also take submissions! If there is something you are thinking about, want to share or engage in, please send it our way at and we’ll post it here.

Thank you for sharing, thank you for the work you do, thank you for the spaces that you carve out for yourself and those around you.