our team.

Annick MF, Outreach Coordinator







Annick is a Master’s student in Communications at Concordia University studying Black identity in Montreal (its iterations, eras of thought, and intersectionality). Beyond Annick’s research work, she is a radio host, filmmaker and multimedia artist. As Outreach Coordinator, Annick has been creating links between the Montreal community, the campus, the university and the project. Annick describes her approach to this work as:

“womanist and intersectional, where I am grounded in my Black female experience and ancestral knowledge but also sensitive to and aware of the diversity of experience within the spectrums of gender, race, class and such. My perspective continues to grow as I meet new people and hear new stories and with my role I have the opportunity to create platforms for these experiences to be shared and for networks of care to be formed. These networks can then build frameworks and initiate sustainable change within the university and the larger community”.


Meghan Gagliardi, Project Coordinator







Meghan is a Master’s student in Geography at Concordia University studying the role and expertise of student organizers in dismantling racism and hegemonic whiteness in the Canadian university. Apart from her research, Meghan writes poetry. As Project Coordinator, Meghan maintains C-FAR’s existing projects and relationships, analyzes, writes about and shares the results of C-FAR’s work and develops and supports emerging projects tackling systemic injustices in our universities and beyond.

Finn (they pronouns), Former Summer Institute Coordinator







Finn has just completed a Master’s in English and graduated from Concordia University. Their research looks at the articulation of mutiply-marginalized identities through contemporary poetry, with a particular focus on the way in-betweens and encounters are crafted into spaces of possibility and being. Finn has worked with queer and trans activist groups on campus, including Queer ConcordiaSpectra Journal and the Committee for Equity and Visibility in the Academy. As Summer Institute Coordinator, Finn worked to support C-FAR’s projects throughout the year as well as co-created Concordia University’s first Summer Institute under the theme of Mobilizing In/Visible Bodies.