about the project.

The C-FAR (Critical Feminist Activism and Research) project out of Concordia University’s Simone de Beauvoir Institute is a community-building, research and training initiative emerging from an intersectional feminist framework anchored in anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches to equity, inclusion and representation on campus and across communities.

The C-FAR project at Concordia University occupies the traditional and unceded territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka people on the island of tio’tia:ke, renamed Montreal under settler-colonialism.

C-FAR is a project that welcomes everyone while appreciating that the issues that we face, the concerns and values that we have, and our visions for our many futures, are particular, varied and oftentimes untranslatable. C-FAR does not strive for a united transformation of Concordia into one singular feminist collective or community, we rather hope to foster various networks of support and resources to promote a multi-directional series of intersectional feminist projects of different scales, with different goals, each addressing its own particular needs with its own potential for transformative power at an institutional and systemic level. In speaking and working with each other across our difference, we hope to begin a reimagining of how our university works and who it works for in order to foster a non-binary learning space that is intentionally inclusive and accessible, anti-racist and anti-colonial, one that is getting closer to the kind of world we are thinking about, working towards and hoping for.