feminist university seminar.

C-FAR has been collaborating with faculty across Concordia University to build our first undergraduate social action research course out of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute. This 6 credit, year-long course will be running through FW17-18, if you have questions about how to register for the course or are looking for more information please reach us at cfar@concordia.ca

course instructors: Karen Herland (Simone de Beauvoir Institute) and Kimberley Manning (Simone de Beauvoir Institute)

faculty mentors: Adeela Arshad Ayez (Education); Elizabeth Fast (Applied Human Sciences); Yasmin Jiwani (Communication Studies); Ayaz Naseem (Education); Hilary Rose (Applied Human Sciences); and Eldad Tsabary (Music)
Curriculum Consultant: Eva Pomeroy (Applied Human Sciences)

description of course: A six-credit social action research course focused on race, gender, sexuality, and Indigenous futures, the Feminist University Seminar offers students the opportunity to develop skills in social action research, team building, project development, and research dissemination. Students will work closely with community and/or university organizations and with faculty engaged in interdisciplinary research from the Faculty of Fine Arts and in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students will have the option to participate as subjects in the research as well as to lead certain dimensions of the research and research dissemination. The goal is not only to develop five stand-alone research projects but to study how a course such as ‘The Feminist University Seminar’ might inspire change in institutions of higher education.

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